1.When is it advisable to call an estate sale provider?

When you have a home or business that needs to be liquidated. Personal property, all household accumulation, anytime you have “stuff”  that you no longer need.

2. What are the Estate Sale costs?

Compensation for conducting an estate sale is based on a commission.Depending on the size of the sale this commission usually is 30-35%. Every client and sale has specific needs. We work with our client to provide the best service possible.

We provide full liquidation services, including: appraising contents, displaying and pricing all items to be sold, advertising, and disposal of all unsold items. When we leave, the property is broom swept, there is never a mess left for our client.

3. How does being an appraiser help in the estate liquidation service?

Having experience in appraising allows us to recognize those items of higher value as opposed to the every day household accumulation. We know how to describe items and where to get the best prices for our client.

4. How do we begin the Estate Liquidation process?

Just contact us! By calling at 570-417-9430 or via email. We will meet at your convenience, tour the property where the sale is to take place, and discuss what needs to be accomplished. We will take over from there!